Self Protection Training

Develop the skills you already possess

Self protection begins long before we are faced with personal self defense.  Training your awareness, taking the time to listen to your intuition, and deciding how you will act with that knowledge is SELF PROTECTION!

You can win every fight you avoid!  Be present in your life, take steps toward being in charge of what you allow within your boundaries, and identify inappropriate behaviors.

Whether you are 9 or 89, in an abusive relationship, or making a point in the boardroom, controlling distance, reading the room, and using your voice to communicate your needs is SELF PROTECTION training.

Principle Movement Self Protection seminars  create an environment where you can learn how to think and act in your own protection.  You hone your natural instincts to improve your situational awareness, as well as develop your strategies to exit harmful situations.  

Principle Movement Self Protection incorporates the tactics, mindset, techniques, and principles of Krav Maga.  Krav Maga is a self defense system originally designed for the military.  The techniques are based in functional, reflexive movement patterns that were developed to provide fast, effective results.  Krav Maga is simple, aggressive, and effective because it addresses the threat, creates a stop in action, and provides a way to leave the problem safely.

Self Protection and Self Defense are two different skill sets that work best when used together.



Thank YOU for creating such a safe space and environment, where I felt like I could attempt to take on such a mental/emotional challenge for myself. Since day 1, I've been so incredibly impressed with your communication style, encouraging words, and format of the class. I've told close family and friends about it, and the words I keep using to describe this experience are "inspiring", "empowering", and how I feel so "aware" and "prepared". Now, after last night, I can add to that list that I've now experienced - and defeated! - my honest to goodness worst ever nightmare of being pinned to the ground. Thank you for doing what you do, because you're making us all feel stronger, braver, and more courageous. :) 

-Renee R

To whom it may concern I have known Anne Kirk from our mutual interest in Krav-Maga and human performance. Her commitment and efforts to improve her knowledge and performance are admirable. The fact that she is a Physiotherapist gives her students an important professional edge because she is more aware to their health and well-being than other KM instructors. 

Dr. Guy Mor Head of Martial arts and Security discipline at Wingate Institute Israel National Sport Institution 

From start to finish, working with Anne was a wonderful experience. She listened intently to what experience we were looking to create for our teens, and she delivered in ways beyond anything we could have imagined. Her charisma, knowledge and strength were inspirational to our teenage girls. They really enjoyed learning from her about how to protect themselves in today’s current climate, and walked out of the session feeling more confident and prepared. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Anne and have her serve as a positive role model for our teen participants. 

Arielle Buxbaum Regional Director BBYO 

Ernie, Anne, and their crew did a fantastic job with our 100+ young females. Combining education with action, they delivered an informative and powerful program. Anne was a perfect role model for our teens, and she enabled all of us to feel empowered and in control of our safety. All our teens and staff were (and are still) raving about the program and it’s impact on our community. 

Abby Cutler BBYO Liberty Region 

As a police officer, a wife and a mother of two young children, it’s important to me that I have the ability to protect my family, my co-workers and myself.
I have intermittently taken Krav Maga for years, however, since I’ve begun watching Anne engage in her own training as well as in the instruction of others, I have never been so inspired to find the time to train.
I feel confident in what I’m learning from her and she motivates me to push myself in physical fitness and self defense training. I trust her because I see how dedicated she is to her own training and I truly believe that she wants others to succeed.

- Mandy S.

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Instructor Anne Kirk. I have over 30 year’s martial arts experience as an instructor and 12 years as an Active Duty Army Combat Veteran and Police Tactical Officer. In all of my years, I have not seen a more dedicated and committed teacher. She has devoted her life to teaching women, men, and children to be able to protect themselves. She does this in a way that is fun and easy to learn. Her technique is “spot on” and she is not one of those “show” instructors. I respect and recommend anyone to train with Instructor Anne Kirk. Not only will you receive the best training, she will also help you to strive to be a better person. 

Sam Elliott

US Army Retired/State of Delaware Officer Retired